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Are you tired of being on that never-ending hamster wheel of having to constantly find new clients?

It's tiring, isn't it? Well I am here to tell you that there is another way.

Creating a digital course for your business will create a passive income that can be generated whilst you sleep. Yep that’s right; there is actually a way to make money that doesn’t involve you being chained to your desk 24/7!

My mission is to help other female entrepreneurs to break away from this never-ending cycle and so I have created a Digital Course Online Success Programme designed to get you started and support you on your digital course journey. This Programme is currently in beta-testing mode and so I am looking for ambitious female leaders who are looking to take their business to the next level.

If you are ready to take the next step in upleveling your business then register your interest below.

Upon registration you will be given access to information that outlines this Programme's curriculum and along with a link to sign up. Please note that spaces are limited as this is a 1-2-1 programme where you will be working directly with me.

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In this Programme, you will learn...


How to create your roadmap to course success.


How to create a compelling & engaging course that your students will love.


How to effectively deliver your course using the right tech.


How to market & launch your course to the right audience.

Why create a digital course? 

Creating a digital course for your business will not only help to increase your business's revenue potential, it will also give you the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. By packaging up your know-how, you can focus on solely generating sales time and time again, giving you the freedom to build a business without the constant hassle of having to try and find clients, meet deadlines and work all hours.

A digital course will also allow you to reach out to new audiences, build a loyal following and position you as the expert within your field... now who doesn't want that?!

Learn with me

Hello, my name’s Karen…and I’m the creator of Pink Lemon Branding and Design Ltd and my course, Getting Started with Your Branding.

After years of training and gaining a wealth of experience working with brands of all sizes, I created Pink Lemon in 2017. My mission is to support other female entrepreneurs to succeed in business so that they can create a legacy and a life they adore.